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wanted, but about an hour ago, police shot and killed the man. three hostages were let go and are now safe. most of the 19 other people who worked inside the building were able to get out earlier, including some children in a day care center -- most of the 1900 people who worked inside. >> the three hostages are safe and are out of the building. at this point, we are still an operation between the police and fire rescue. there are other suspected devices in the building that have not been rendered safe. the objective ismic-co to make sure those devices are rendered safe and removed.
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>> police shot and killed suspect after a four-hour standoff. we have a slide show of pictures from the scene at we will have an updated report tonight at 11. >> we are also following the path of hurricane earl. >> a hurricane watch has been issued for the ocean city area. tom tasselmyer is in the 11 insta-weather center. >> some updated information. the national weather center has changed it to a her which a tropical storm warning. they are confident we will not experience hurricane conditions. there are 3 storms in the fiona, andasseandgastogaston, earl. the national weather service has
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updated the warnings and advisers. there is still a hurricane warning for cape hatteras. now it is a tropical storm warning from virginia beach north to ocean city and up the coast to new jersey orleans will -- where winds will likely gust up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. a coastal flood watch, because as the storm goes by, our tides will run 1-3 feet above normal. we will have a closer look at the track and the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> team coverage of hurricane earl continues from ocean city where lowell melser or is live with more on what they are doing to brace themselves. >> we are enjoying a beautiful evening here in ocean city as the sun sets, the sea breeze giving us some ice conditions out here. really comfortable low humidity, and folks are able to enjoy themselves -- nice conditions out here.
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we have the mayor of ocean city joining us. we talked last hour and there were some things you wanted to point out. a lot of people are wondering, should i come down, and when? you are telling folks definitely come down, but may be planted out a little bit crude >> just common sense. it looks like the storm will arrive sometime friday morning and pushed through here friday afternoon. is moving pretty quickly and should be out of here late friday afternoon. after that, this is the kind of whether we can expect not long after that. we encourage everyone to plan to continue to come to ocean city, just wait until the event is passed. later on friday, early saturday morning to you should not have any problems at all. >> the national weather service issuing a tropical storm warning for this area. what precautions are you taking? another you are taking it seriously, but we are not talking about evacuation's here, just being prepared.
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>> we are in a prepared this days. evacuation was never on the radar. we will continue to monitor just in case, but all our departments are securing loose items, putting things away, stabilizing construction sites. we are advising residents to secure things in their yards, just take normal precautions that you would during a tropical storm or a nor'easter. >> thanks for joining us. i know you have a lot of work in the days ahead. tropical storm warning for the area. if you are already here in ocean city, batten down the hatches. if you are looking to come down here later in the week, the best advice is to start heading down here friday afternoon once the storm passes. we will bring you the latest updates starting tomorrow afternoon. >> local officials are getting ready should hurricane earl affect the area are around
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baltimore, especially areas close to the water. kim continues our team coverage live in curtis bay with more on what they are doing to prepare. >> further inland, the concern is flooding like what we saw during hurricane isabel. officials say not to worry, earl is on a different path and will be staying in out to see so we will not see what we saw during isabel. the effects will be milder, but you still need to prepare. >> at the beach, even the strongest swimmers can be overcome by the swells, the waves, and the rip currents that come through this area. >> a word of warning from the coast guard. baltimore city is doing the same, warning residents to be prepared and keeping an eye on the storm from their command center. >> office of emergency management has been on conference calls with the national weather service, a
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closely monitoring the storms. but the national weather service is predicting girl will stay out to sea, making the impact on maryland minimal. nothing like hurricane isabel. >> we are forecasting earl to be a glancing blow on the baltimore area. we are anticipating an active season, which lasts until november 30. preparations include having an emergency kit including a three- day supply a bottle of water. check on vulnerable neighbors and friends, and stay tuned to tv and radio for updates. >> the message is to pay attention, as they inform, and start to prepare. >> the mayor says they are monitoring tropical storm fiona, which is coming behind earl, to see if that will also have an effect on maryland. >> you can also track earl along
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with us on line. our interactive hurricane tracker shows its potential impact and also has a survival check list. >> tonight, a well-known and influential state senator is indicted by federal grand jury. ulysses currie is accused of using his influence and power to benefit a grocery chain that had him on its payroll. >> ulysses currie was the chairman of the senate budget and taxation committee. he stepped down from that position today after his indictment was filed. the federal indictment charges ulysses currie with bribery, extortion, and fraud. it accuses him of going on the payroll of the grocery chain shoppers food warehouse and
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using his position for the companies benefit. the investigation came to light more than two years ago when federal agents raided his prince george's county home. he has been in the legislature since 1987. in 2002, the indictment says he asked to go on the payroll of the grocery chain and went to work for arranging meetings with state and local officials to help the company on a dozen projects. according to the indictment, he lobbied state highway officials to get traffic signals installed at the site of to shoppers food stores, one in baltimore county and one in laurell. he helped the company get $2 million in public funding for one project and smooth the way for the company to transfer of a liquor license in prince george's county. in return, the indictment says he got paid, $7,600 per month by december 2007. none of it, according to the indictment, was disclosed by him in ethics filings. reached by phone, he does he
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would not comment on the indictment or his future plans. he has agreed to step aside from his position as chair of the senate budget and taxation committee until the criminal case is resolved. currie is running for reelection, unopposed in this month's primary. >> his lawyer said today that he committed no crime. he called the case an unusual robbery case because it does not involve cash payments under the table as he put it. two former grocery chain executives are also charged in the case. the company has agreed to pay a $2.50 million fine. >> we hope you stay with us. there is still much more ahead on 11 news at 6. the makeup of the harford county school board is about to change. it will be up to voters to decide who gets in. >> the newest raven clears a big hurdle. hear what john harbaugh has to say about it, coming up later in
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sports. >> her cane earl heads this way. the 7-4 -- seven-day forecast
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>> voters in harford county will that have a say in choosing some of their new school board members. >> up until now, all the board members were appointed by the governor, but that is about to change with this month's election. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with that story. is this change popular in harford county? >> it might be a bit early to know, but for now there are three elected seats up for grabs, and 15 candidates are hoping to land one of those slots. >> this is the software which can also print results. >> the countdown is on for the
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primary election. machines have been tested and staff members trained as the county begins the process of electing its first school board members. >> i am up to date on that and excited because now we have a say, instead of someone just been appointed by the governor. >> voters would get to cast ballots for school board members in three districts. . a, b, and d, which represents voters in north harford. there are four candidates in district a and five in b and d. >> they will choose one, and then the top two vote-gettrers will go and face each other in the general election. >> the voters we talked to say they will support an elected
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school board. >> i think that will be better as far as giving us a say-so as to want to elect. >> the public should have the right to vote to they want in there. >> so are you going to brush up and see who is -- >> i will. >> it is less than two weeks before the primary election. school board members elected this year will begin serving four-year terms next summer. >> with all the anticipation for hurricane earl making its impact in the mid atlantic region thursday night and friday, we are locked into a very dry weather pattern. nothing in the rain gauge today. we could use a little rain. a very hot weather pattern, 98 in downtown baltimore today, 95 at the official weather station at the airport. the record high was 99.
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way above normal today, the 53rd time this year the temperature has topped 90 at bwi marshall. the record was 54 times back in 1998. we will probably tie that record tomorrow. way out west it gets a little color, but most of the sweltering hot project most of the state is well during hot. 83 right on the coast, but in is not a buzzing again as you get inland. the skies are mainly clear overnight, a very pleasant night, but unseasonably warm for this time of year. 65 in the suburbs, 77 in downtown baltimore. this cold front will try to break the heat wave and a hurricane will try to bring some showers to the coastal areas. we have a better chance out of the cold front and from the storm in the atlantic. earl is just one of three tropical systems being monitored.
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it is the big one, a category 4 hurricane. the center of the storm passes just to the east of the bahamas with winds up to 135 miles an hour, a little over 600 miles from cape hatteras. they are in for some rough weather on the outer banks. a hurricane warning is up for them. from the air bags it turns to the northeast and starts to pull away from ocean city. times above normal and heavy surf, but if it stays that far off shore, they will miss the worst part of it. it is probably because of this cold front in ohio, pushing the store away from the mid atlantic and on up into new england. beautiful weather behind the tropical storm as we head into the labor day weekend. there is a tropical storm warning. new jersey, maryland, delaware beaches down to virginia beach,
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wins over 40 miles an hour or expected. a hurricane warning in the red shaded areas down around the wet -- down around the outer banks. the storm is approaching, pushing the water up the bay. that means thursday and thursday night along the shore of the bay, expect tides to run 1-3 feet above normal. mostly sunny skies as the storm approaches tomorrow, just some high, thin clouds. upper 80s in western maryland with sunshine. they may catch a shower from that cold front later tomorrow night into friday. 93 degrees around the bay tomorrow. and i slicking thursday, 92 inland, 85 on the beach -- a nice looking thursday. skies will turn partly cloudy here on friday with a chance for a shower, then gusty winds, cool
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and less humid over the weekend. highs in the upper seven's on saturday and sunday, digging into the low 50's by sunday at -- by monday morning. >> the newest raven, cornerback joshed wilson is now officially on the active roster. he arrived in baltimore and passed his physical today. he will not play into our ninth game against the rams. the ravens put mike mclaughlin on injured reserve to make room. the ravens will try to avoid injuries tomorrow night, but look what happened in the last game. daudet stallworth broke his foot against the giants. he would really have helped the team stretch the field. speaking of big hits, mark clayton did snail. he had to leave the game with a mild concussion. -- mark clayton gets nailed.
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it is starting to get a little thin. john harbaugh is a smart guy. he is not taking any chances with his key players. >> we are going to be very judicious with our guys. we will make sure we come out of this thing is healthy as we can. we have some guys playing that will be important to us. they have made the team and are going to have to play in this game. >> you have to love the way the orioles are playing right now, 17 wins in the month of august, the most they have had and one month since september 2004. no doubt but showalter is making a difference. a big challenge tonight at the art basing the red sox. the record against the birds is an amazing 12-0. last night they got a little bit of everything in beating the red sox.
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the offense flexing their muscles in the eighth. look scott and felix boat launching solo shots in the inning. for scott, that was no. 26, a career high for them. the final score was 5-2. with the rosters expanding today, the orioles called up three players. the world championships today, the u.s. taking on iran. not much of a concept, the u.s. dominated from start to finish. u.s. wins 88-51. the victory gives the americans the top seed in the elimination round. that is when the real games begin. they should win this thing, you would think. >> a tight game against brazil, though. >> they need a little test now and then. >> stay with us. tom is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> of records continue to suffer
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from a failing economy. how their lost -- automakers continue to suffer. the man held up inside the discover building has been st by police. we will have a look at the suspects background. we wil
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>> we have to keep a close eye on this category 4 storm. it looks like it will have its main impact on the cape hatteras
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areas of the outer banks of north carolina. maybe as it makes the turn of toward cape cod late friday night and saturday. for our region, where for enough west that will visit by a couple of hundred miles, at least the center of the storm. new jersey, delaware, maryland, and virginia beach as are all under tropical storm warning, meaning winds could be 40-45 miles an hour as the storm is passing by during the day on friday. tides expected to run 1-3 feet above normal as we head through thursday into thursday night. we will just be on the western fringe in baltimore. a slight chance for showers friday, and then when the and cooler and less humid air, just in time for the weekend. the actual labor day weekend looks beautiful. >> that is great news. thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. nbc nightly
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or

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